More to Come!

First Cane Corso to ever enter Hawaii's show ring, Phantom's Ronin. In that very first show, Ronin takes Group-4 in a very tough Working Group at The West Oahu Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show, August, 2015.

In Collaboration with Phantom Corsos, Dallas, Texas

Phantom's Leonitas "Big Show" Sargent...(Grandsire of Moon Corsos' Foundation Dog, Phantom's Ronin); Owned by Chad Sargent and Corinthian Corsos; Bred by Erik Wofford and Phantom Corsos; Wins BEST OF BREED at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club, All Breed Dog Show!! "Leo" was the first Best of Breed Cane Corso, ever, at this famous dog show, once the AKC recognized the breed in 2010!! Huge congrats to the owners at Corinthian Corsos!!